Vintage Miracle Celtic Cross Pendant Brooch

£18.00 GBP

This bold vintage brooch/pendant is made in antique pewter with glass cabochons simulating agate colours. It's in a cross shape and is embossed with a medieval motif and has a bit of a Pre-Raphaelite air to it.  It is signed Miracle and measures 2" or 5cm tall. I've hung it on a 30" length of stainless steel ball chain. 

I sourced these pins after being inspired by seeing brooches on powerful women from the cast of Sabrina to Justice Lady Hale. These bold, vintage pins look wonderful on hand knits. I have always loved pendant pins and the wearable options it offers. It was one of my first costume jewellery loves, pouring over the treasure boxes of my older relatives when I was a little girl. 

This vintage, signed Miracle piece is inspired by heavy Scottish silver pins inset with bold Scottish agate of the type favoured by Queen Victoria. She popularised these bold pins during her era.  They were weighty, designed to hold heavier woollen fabrics and offset the various colours used in tartans plaids. These modern versions introduced Celtic elements into the designs and use glass to mimic natural stone. 

The brand Miracle was a maker of costume jewellery in the UK in the 1940s-70s and contemporary jewellery marked Miracle is now made by St. Justin in Cornwall. 

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