The Dark Fey. Raw Smoky Quartz Pendant Necklace. Wire Wrapped in Copper.

£29.00 GBP

A substantial, warm and raw smoky quartz crystal point has been hand wrapped in a copper net and strung from a solid copper ball chain.
The crystal is 2" (5cm) long.  Copper chain measures 30" (78cm) long.

The last photo shows this necklace paired with my Unakite and Copper Bib Statement Necklace, which can be found here.

This crystal has been carefully selected for it's energetic qualities, depth and clarity.  It has been charged by the light of the longest moon.  Smoky quartz is said to be a highly protective stone sacred to Hecate, goddess of the crossroads-- useful to hedgewitches and tranceworkers.

All my jewellery is made by hand by my partner Mike and myself in a converted 18th century naval school on the wild North coast of Scotland. All pieces come gift wrapped.

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