Poppy Locket. Witch's Locket Necklace With Custom Colours

£33.00 GBP

A silver plated brass locket adorned with poppy flowers and your choice of crystal colour.  Here I have used red to echo the poppy flowers but other colours can be used.  Select your preference from the drop down menu. The locket is 1 1/4" long and almost 1" wide.  Chain measures 24" long and closes with a toggle clasp adorned with complementary coloured swarovski crystals. There is room inside to affix a photo.

Lockets also have myriad uses both sentimental and magical. They make perfect gifts, especially with a note of affection enclosed.  They can also be used in spellwork in myriad ways, enclosing small spell bundles, bindrunes, herbs or crystal chips.

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