Gothic Glasses Chain. Upcycled Rosary with Skulls & Crystals. Morbid Librarian Chic. MADE TO ORDER

£41.00 GBP

A darker version of the trad glasses chain, made of a second-hand glass rosary of round black beads and silver tone wire, combined with grinning skulls, Czech glass rosettes and Swarovski crystals in black diamond. (The silver of the chain is a little brighter in person than in the photos.)

The last photo shows another version of my glasses chain without the skulls, available here.

You're old school. Back in the day, you had Bauhaus on vinyl, and saw Sisters of Mercy live. You know what they say, Goth for life. Well, you're living it. Now, you might need reading glasses. Hey, so do I, which is why I've entertained my inner spooky librarian and started making eyeglass chains that make astigmatism cool. Almost.

These also work as a stylish way to keep from loosing those fancy sunglasses. (The nicer the sunglasses, the faster I loose them. This is my way of basically tying them to myself!)

Chain measures 33" from one elastic loop to the other, each end is finished with hand wired Czech glass and Swarovski crystals, Black Ox plated pewter and matte acrylic skulls. All are lightweight and easy to wear.


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